by Catherine

Before any performances begin, the installation creates meaning by suspending and patterning confessional texts simultaneously in two different, and very exposed environments: a real and a digital space. It begins with a sequence of bodily engagements, a strategy to gain identificatory response and constructive understanding (empathy) from the self and/as audience. Overnight, the boundaries between the separate texts, between the media through which they are presented, between the spaces that surround the installation, and between internal ideas and external acts of absolution, become the motive for expressing personal loss. From here we re-form discourses surrounding the social structures of guilt and absolution—towards safe and healthy practices of grieving and living beyond.

she should have told you what she hoped for, and anyway it is too late to take turn yourself back, light a candle the night the electricity burned out and say, over a spoonful of tea and sugar and the last book she was reading, that she should never be ashamed, that you were never ashamed of her perfection and when she woke up alone in another city, wordlessly she became bones because she thought she could do no more beautifully and now she is starved thin, blank as a dark sky, cut open to be purified because she could not love herself gracefully.